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Articles in the media on lakes within the Halifax Municipality

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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The holistic solution is by setting up credible and pragmatic `lakes authorities' at the HRM, and at the Province staffed with experienced applied limnologists in order to address public concerns and, if needed, to restore the lakes


Note: The following are a only a representative selection among hundreds of reports in the printed media, on a cumulative level, since around 1988. Select other examples are in the individual web pages of lakes accessible from the Narratives:

A superb overview media article by media consultant, Kim Moar, The Daily News- interviews with Applied Limnologist, Shalom Mandaville, over a period 2-3 months


Clarification letter_to_the_editor by Applied Limnologist, Shalom Mandaville; April 30, 2003:


Statements by Dy. Mayor Harry McInroy, Councillors Len Goucher, and Bob Harvey


Warning by GPI Atlantic Inc., a public policy research group with partnership from various universities and Government agencies


Premier Don Cameron refuses to grant provincial park at Second Lake

The Chronicle Herald

This park is now a reality mainly as a result of residents refusing to take the answer "NO", and who had rallied over a decade under various local `leaders' commencing with the hearings on the Sackville Civic Status. The idea of a separate municipal unit for Sackville though was defeated by the voters mainly on fear of higher taxes. It was indeed the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH) which had carried out extensive chemical and some basic phytoplankton survey of Second Lake over multiple water years!

New Dartmouth hosts sickest lakes!


Sampling of lakes all over HRM by the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax

Following article:-- Sampling Second Lake, Sackville by drilling through ice on an especially cold wintry weekend! The Chronicle Herald, January 20, 1992:


The Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax initiates studies of landlocked salmon habitat in the Shubencadie River headwaters


Local lakes get checkup by the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax

Sampling Fish Lake, Oakfield, and other lakes:


Suburban sprawl


Paul Mandell, a freshwater biologist at DFO and a Dalhousie University researcher, considered Settle Lake, Russell lake, Cranberry Lake, and Oathill Lake in Dartmouth as the "worst off"


The Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax warns of deteriorating lakes in the urban HRM area!

The Mail Star, November 19, 1990 (Note: Comments made by us in 1990 are `relative' compared to natural background values of undisturbed lakes within HRM:

[Img- media_1990-11-19]

Lake pollutants jeopardize rec programs. Press Release on the Papermill Lake by the BWAC (Bedford Waters Advisory Committee)

The Halifax Herald, February 05, 1990

Other articles and concerns on Papermill Lake, Bedford

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