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Pollution of our lakes-Public invitation in your Wednesday,
November 10, 2010 edition

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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We congratulate Metro News on your superb article in the Tuesday edition of November 09, 2010. Since this is supposed to be in the form of a letter rather than a treatise on professional lake management, we will summarize it but provide select web links to our numerous web pages, some scientific, and some general. Clicking on the underlined words will launch the relevant web pages.


Over the last 25 years, we have been concerned about the degradation in the water quality of not only certain urbanized and urbanizing lakes within the present HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) area but also across our beloved Nova Scotia.


As mostly volunteers with varied scientific backgrounds, we carried out some advanced scientific research which falls under the umbrella of Applied Limnology as follows: We carried out Predictive Modelling of several parameters in one thousand five hundred (1,500) lakes and ponds in four (4) counties of Nova Scotia; studied the phytoplankton assemblages for early warning signals; of latterly, we have been concentrating in the ever important studies of zoobenthos (the organisms present in the bottom sediments); on chironomid mentum deformities (this is quite specialized and looks at the cumulative effects of multiple stressors); and to a lesser degree in phytobenthos (algal composition in the bottom sediments).


On occasions, we also send `reference collections’ to leading worldwide authorities for independent peer reviews!


With our predictive modelling of multiple parameters, we were able to even predict issues prior to their manifestation, for e.g., the increasing weed growth in several Dartmouth area lakes which has indeed raised the concerns of numerous general stakeholders. As a very recent example, see the case of Lakes Banook and MicMac (media article of September 09, 2010).


We had indeed forewarned the HRM (Cc’d the Province as always) a few years ago about the impending possibility via atleast five (5) detailed emails.


There is little point in crying after‑the‑fact; the whole idea is to work on prevention as solutions can be quite costly and not permanent as proven time and time again elsewhere in the world where they spend hundreds of millions of dollars (200 of our associate‑scientists live in the USA and elsewhere, and they caution us on too much optimism as most claims of `restoration’ have never been proven in the long term)!


We have continuously appraised our Provincial Environment Dept., as well as the present HRM, the former City of Dartmouth, and the former Halifax County.


At one time, we had also written detailed scientific letters to two formers ministers of the federal agency, Environment Canada, namely the Hon. Jean Charest and the Hon. Shiela Copps. Both were courteous but they made it abundantly clear that management/protection of freshwater lakes in Nova Scotia was the total responsibility of the Province of Nova Scotia in partnership with the municipalities.


We are primarily a scientific society of approx. 400 associates out of which 200 are domiciled across Nova Scotia.


Thank you all for reading and thanks for Metro News in publishing it!




(Clicking on the underlined words will launch the relevant web pages)


Shalom M. Mandaville Post-Grad Dip., Professional Lake Manage.


Narrative on Water Quality”;  “Our sampling protocols, in brief”;  and a 30-minute video on "Environmental Impact on Water Courses” in WMV format!


Chair, Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax-(Homepage), a multi-discipline scientific/technical stakeholder group

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  B2Y 3C4


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Cc: Premier Darrell Dexter (Nova Scotia); Hon. Marilyn More (MLA-Dartmouth South Portland Valley); Becky Kent (MLA-Cole Harbour - Eastern Passage); Diana Whalen (L-MLA); Howard Epstein (NDP-MLA); Keith Colwell (L-MLA); Hon. Maureen MacDonald (NDP-MLA); Michele Raymond (NDP-MLA); Prof. Leonard Preyra (NDP-MLA); Hon. Stephen McNeil (L-Leader of the Opposition-NS); NSE-Water Line (delwater@gov.ns.ca); NSE-WRMS-Water Resources Management Strategy (waterstrategy@gov.ns.ca); Councillor Linda Mosher (HRM); Councillor Jennifer Watts (HRM District 14 - Connaught - Quinpool); Councillor Dawn Sloane (HRM); Mayor Peter Kelly (HRM); Councillor Robert Harvey (HRM); Councillor Brad Johns (Regional Plan Advisory Committee-RPAC-Regional Plan (HRM); James Cowan (Senator-Liberal); 'pcmlas@gov.ns.ca'; Hon. Jamie Baillie (Leader-PC-NS); Andrew Younger (NS Liberal Environment Critic); Chuck Porter (Environment Critic-PC); Hon. Sterling Belliveau (Minister-NS Environment); Councillor David Hendsbee (Halifax Watershed Advisory Board, HRM); Councillor Jackie Barkhouse (Dartmouth Lakes Advisory Board, HRM); Councillor Peter Lund (Halifax Watershed Advisory Board, HRM); Councillor Tim Outhit (Bedford Watershed Advisory Board, HRM); 'Councillor Bill Karsten (HRM)'; Councillor Darren Fisher (District 6: East Dartmouth - The Lakes); 'Councillor Gloria McCluskey'; 'Councillor Jim Smith (Deputy Mayor-HRM)'; Councillor Lorelei Nicoll (HRM District 4 - Cole Harbour); Kim MacNeil (Deputy Minister-NSE)

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