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Select dealings with Nova Scotia Environment (NSE)

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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.............. with salutations to our primary founding partner in 1989, the Nova Scotia Environment Department; Formal inaugural invitation, December 20, 1989; and our scientific contributions to the NSE per letter d/April 27 2008 to  Hon. Mark Parent PhD ...............

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Following is only a representative selection of our relevant dealings; see also our individual lake pages in our Narrative on select lakes/rivers:

Deputy Minister, Armand Pinard, appoints John Theakston PEng as the liaison to our predecessor group, the Sackville Rivers Advisory Board (SRAB)

The SRAB was subsequently amalgamated with this group (SWCSMH) with the permission of the Halifax County Planning Department:


Intensive discussions at a managers' meeting of the Department; February 08, 1991 at 10.10 AM

The meeting was organized by the Manager of the Central Region, Dianne Coish. Also present were Howard Windsor, Director of Regional Offices; John Turner PEng, Director of Resource Management & Pollution Control; and Andy Cameron, Manager, Water Quality Branch. The meeting was held between us and the department to clarify certain roles.

A February 21, 1994 letter of commitment by the Hon. Robbie Harrison

We donated synoptic studies we carried out especially for the honourable minister easily worth over $50,000 on a prior written request from the Minister

A record of decisions dated December 09, 1996 made with the NSEL


We made a third detailed scientific presentation to the Department

....... and follow-up discussions from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM on June 13, 2000. Present were Mr. John Theakston PEng and Mr. Darrell Taylor of the Ecosystem & Risk Management Branch headed by Ms. Kate Moir.

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