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Mandell's Comparative Lakes for HRM

Reference lake types used as indicator thresholds for anthropogenic stressors of urban lakes

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(cf. Mandell, P.R. 1994. The Effects of Land Use Changes on Water Quality of Urban Lakes in the Halifax/Dartmouth Region. Dalhousie University. 170p.) Paul Mandell was an experienced biologist on contract with the Federal DFO before he went back to conduct his graduate study at Dalhousie Biology Department. Indeed, one of the founding members of our scientific group, the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH), the now deceased Prof. Dr. Gordon Ogden III, an Yale doctorate and professor at the Dalhousie Biology Department for decades, gave high accolades Mandell's concepts at the Government workshop on the Draft Nova Scotia Environment Act on April 14, 1994!

Mandell's thesis was indeed donated to us by Prof. Gordon Ogden III PhD of Dalhousie University!



Indicators of Anthropogenic Stress


Indicator Thresholds


Reference Lake Types used as Indicator Thresholds for Anthropogenic Stressors of Urban Lakes:


Urban lakes:- Percent change in urban land use and indicators of stress


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