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Little Sackville River Sediment Monitoring Program

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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A predecessor committee of ours, the Sackville Rivers Advisory Board (SRAB), which amalgamated with our group during 1990-91, monitored the Little Sackville River for SS and other variables for several years. The following report from the Nova Scotia Dept of Environment was based on approx. two years' of SS data collected by us.

We subsequently carried out further sampling as needed on an event basis, but most of it are in field books and not enunciated in a formal report format due to lack of any perceived value on a long-term basis. We had also conducted the first ever Predictive TP/Cha modelling of the entire Sackville River watershed as well in addition to other historical field data and archives.

Commitments given by Chang Lin PhD PEng, NS Dept. of Environment

Note below where Dr. Lin stated clearly the responsibility of his Department provided we carried out the volunteer sampling; we kept our commitments but the Department failed to keep their commitments inspite of several letters we wrote Mr. Andy Cameron, Manager of the Surface Water Management to whom the program was transferred to:


Interim report prepared by David Briggins P.Geo., NS Dept. of Environment

Following is the 1990 interim report prepared by Mr. David Briggins of the NS Dept. of Environment on our request:


Sediment monitoring by the Federal DFO during 1982-1983


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