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Morris Lake, Dartmouth

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Caution: Since Morris is a shallow lake, the standard limnetic (i.e., open water) trophic parameters may not represent the true trophic status of the lake



Water Quality

Chemical vs Biological monitoring

Select scientific modelling and chemical/biological limnology are part of our miscellaneous archives

The bathymetric map; the morphological data; the watershed map; the location map; the flow chart of the Cow Bay River watershed; peruse our predictive modelling, and view a relevant model; the paleolimnology of lakes in HRM

Total stormwater treatment recommended:

Total stormwater treatment should also include removal of other urban pollutants as well, not just phosphorus! The CDS technology, the Stormceptor, and the Vortechnics are superb devices for pre-treatment, but they have to be followed by sophisticated polishing systems, for example a scientifically designed wetland with the attendant maintenance in perpetuity! This combination may or may not work (see the note of caution).

A note of caution: There have been conflicting results in the long term removal of typical stressors in storm drainage using constructed (or engineered) wetlands. Further, such wetlands have not had a successful history in the amelioration of acid drainage in HRM. Hence, the only sustainable methodology would be treatment of urban and suburban stormwater by traditional wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) based on the tertiary removal process in the case of stressed lakes! This implies considerable capital costs and operation & maintenance.

Concerns of stakeholders (there were many others during the early 1990s)


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