Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 18:08:44 -0300
From: "Renee Roberge" <>
Subject: Morris and Russell Lakes


How are things going? I have not talked to you for so long... and I apologize, too many things to do.

I have two questions for you. First, I should mention for your information that HRM has initiated a Master Planning Exercise with respect to development of the Morris and Russell Lakes areas. One goal is to protect the quality of the water and several policies were approved by Council to achieve that. The policies were mainly based on the report conducted by Griffiths Muecke Associates and Gordon Ratcliffe Landscape Architects in May of 1998.

I am unsure about certain issues and would like to have your opinion on these two points:

My questions:

1) sampling is recommended into the lakes (mainly Morris Lake at this time) to establish background data before development proceeds. The developers would have to follow severe erosion and sediment control methods but still periodic monitoring is recommended in order to set a critical threshold level.

Are you planning any monitoring of the lakes as part of your regular program?

2) The consultant also recommends methods that would maximize phosphorus removal. One idea that was talked about was to use wetlands. It seems now they will use the existing wetlands, i.e., direct stormwater to these wetlands.

I have some concerns with this and would like to have your views on this idea.

Nothing has been decided yet and I am looking for your opinion on these issues because I know you have a lot of experience in that field and you are quite knowledgeable of the study area.

Thank you.