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Subject: Important and relevant to Democracy 250:-- Your printed notification and relevant archives

(Especially since this is the year of Democracy 250, all recipients of this email should click on the underlined words to launch the relevant web pages since there is a wealth of web links here. This email contains excerpts only from our archives. Kindly forward this email to Mr. Darrell Taylor of the Water & Wastewater branch. ……………………


……………… This is Cc’d/Bcc’d to all members of the HRM’s Regional Council and to professional staff that we feel relevant since some of them have consulted `yours truly' extensively on lake science/issues over decades directly and/or via their well paid consultants and/or via stakeholder groups in their districts and/or via the academia, mostly on a pro bono basis! Also Bcc’d to all respected MLAs, MPs and Senators of Nova Scotia!)


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(1) Our origin (your department was indeed our prime founding partner in 1989;


(2) An overview of our dealings with your department;


(3) Commitment by the honest Premier Rt. Hon. John Hamm MD in 1999 which has not been implemented to date; and


(4) Our international members and formal associates, with a cautionary legal note to your department!




(1)   Our origin: It may appear unbelievable at first, but our group, the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH), would never have existed if it wasn’t for your department!


With full blessings of your former Minister, the Hon. JOHN LEEFE BEd, our group was formed in 1989 at the strong encouragement of the only (theoretical) limnologist that your department ever had, Dr. JOHN K. UNDERWOOD PhD, who left your department during early 1990. Click on his name and you can view a 1.4-minute excerpt of a half hour Television show that we produced with him while he was still employed with your department! It is in the popular MS WMV format.


But some of us were pragmatically active even prior to that dating back to the mid-1980’s and it was not as typical `backseat advisers’ either!


Our `PRIME DIRECTIVE’:-- Our understanding in 1990 was that, we (the SWCSMH) as a scientific society, the Nova Scotia Dept. of Environment represented by the Minister; the Dalhousie University Biology Department represented by one of our founding members, the totally beloved Prof. Gordon Ogden III Jr. (click his name to view an excerpt on stormwater management in WMV format); and the federal Environment Canada represented by the well known Dr. Joe Kerekes PhD (also a founding member of our group), would work together in expanding the data base of lakes in the Metro Halifax area. Since then though, we expanded to cover other areas of Nova Scotia and a few other parts of Canada and the USA where a handful of us act as `scientific collaborators’!


Following that, our work literally `ballooned’ from simple pelagic, i.e., open water, sampling (similar to what HRM now does) to the present specialized Biological Limnology! We do this since we are unaware of any Government agency, academia, or any other entity carrying these out to the intensity that a handful of us do!


Your department was supposed to give continued support and pragmatic partnership, in perpetuity, per the professional agreement!


Unfortunately, after the sudden resignation of Dr. John K. Underwood in 1990, and the acquiring of his mantle by former Manager, Andy Montgomery, the relationship rapidly degenerated.


But it was partly restored by a subsequent Manager, KATE MOIR, and further restored when the present Manager, DAVID BRIGGINS P.Geo, took over the mantle; but none of them excepting Dr. Underwood are limnologists.


Dr. John Underwood is a (theoretical) limnologist and subsequently joined our group as a member though he has been inactive, hence is an associate-member!


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(2)   See `An overview of our select dealings’ with your department dating back to around 1987; it has links to several web scans.


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(3)   Commitment by the honest Premier Rt. Hon. John Hamm MD in 1999 which has not been implemented until to date, alas.


Read the kind letter he wrote `yours truly’ in 1999 but the `commitments’ have not been kept to date, alas.

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(4)   Our international members and formal associates with a cautionary legal note to your department:


We have approximately four hundred (400) members/associates all over Canada and the USA out of whom approximately two hundred (200) are domiciled in our beloved Nova Scotia, most of them being citizens all over HRM!


All recipients of this email are welcome to visit me at Maynard Lake, Dartmouth (i.e., a lake akin to Thoreau’s Walden) and view the membership/associate listing.


Indeed, a predecessor of yours, Deputy Minister, Mr. Ron L’Esperance (click his name to view a handwritten note) already visited me in year-2003 for a whole hour.


See also photographs of His Worship PETER KELLY and the ebullient Councillor GLORIA McCLUSKEY standing in front of my large poster of Albert Einstein!


Among our international listing, you will find varied specialists experts as well as numero uno experts in most disciplines relating to Limnology, Toxicology, Medical Microbiology, a few in Environmental Engineering, and even in politics (imagine)!


The deceased Senator, Mike Forrestall, of Dartmouth was indeed one of our formal members.


Several of your department’s and HRM’s staff have visited me as well for some deep discussions.


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Shalom Murti Mandaville Post-Grad Dip., Professional Lake Manage.

Chair & Scientific Director

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax- SWCSMH, a multi-discipline scientific/technical stakeholder group


…………… and Public Art in Nova Scotia


310-4 Lakefront Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  B2Y 3C4

Tel: 902-463-7777


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