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Maynard Lake: Environment Week-2002

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

     Maynard Lake, Dartmouth


[Img-i-arrow-blue.gif] Introduction and acknowledgements

[Img-i-arrow-blue.gif] Photograph-1: Kathleen Marney (daughter of Kelly Marney), a student leader of the cleanup from Prince Arthur Junior High School; the Hon. Tim Olive, MLA of Dartmouth South; and Kelly Marney, a lead organizer

[Img-i-arrow-blue.gif] Photograph-2: The Hon. Tim Olive; Craig Campbell PEng, Regional Operations & Transportation Services, HRM; Capt. (retd.) John Owens Jr. MSc (MIT) of the SWCSMH; and Shalom Mandaville Professional Lake Manage. of the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

[Img-i-arrow-blue.gif] Photograph-3: Foreground- Hon. Tim Olive and Kelly Marney;
Background- two divers from our partners, the Halifax Leatherbacks: at right in red shirt is another of the Marney family, Stuart

Introduction and acknowledgements

The public notice prepared by a local resident, Kelly Marney, also of HRM.

The photographs are select jpeg scans from our littoral and underwater cleanup during the Environment Week-2002, an unexpected sunny day, Saturday, June 1st, 2002; the pictures are from among those taken by Mrs. Olive, wife of the Hon. Tim Olive, MLA for Dartmouth South-Portland Valley in June 2002! Thank you Mrs. Olive, we appreciate.

We offer our cordial thanks to the following for donation of food supplies:-

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