World class Bacterial Source Tracking (BST) of the lead indicators, Bacteroides Prevotella species

BST results:

Essentially, the following report from the "The" world-class expert, Prof. Kate Field PhD of the Oregon State University on the BST based on the common anaerobic Bacteroides Prevotella species concludes that 50% of the filters were positive for one or both human markers; none of the filters were positive for the dog marker; and that all the 17 filters were positive for the non-specific fecal marker. It further states that in the obvious absence of farm animal impact, the most likely source is waterfowl since the non-specific fecal marker readily detects waterfowl fecal contamination.

For a background literature and associated synopsis on BST, see the report prepared by Applied Limnologist, Shalom M. Mandaville.