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Subject: USEPA handbook on assessment of constructed/engineered wetlands I was mentioning on phone minutes ago

Subject:  USEPA handbook on assessment of constructed/engineered wetlands I was mentioning on phone minutes ago


The citation is:--


Strecker, E.W., J.M. Kersnar, E.D. Driscoll, and R.R. Horner. 1992. The Use of Wetlands for Controlling Stormwater Pollution. The Terrene Institute. 66pp.


The Terrene Institute publishes/published some of USEPA’s handbooks!


This is what I had been referring to as the USEPA’s review handbook though there must be others of latter dates (depends on funding available to them, I suppose).


I also distinctly recall giving a photocopy of the whole handbook to John Sheppard during the year before amalgamation, 1995, at the DVR!


This was a summary/overview of the performance of constructed (or engineered) wetlands for stormwater treatment all over the USA!


I recall it also had several graphs which showed box plot percentiles of size of the constructed wetlands versus the drainage area they trap in addition to several other graphs!


VVVVVVIMP: --  It also emphatically cautions against use of natural wetlands for anthropogenic driven stormwater pollution and I summarized it in


I understood Clayton Development’s consultants utilized a small natural wetland as the outflow of CDS devices they installed in Portland Hills, alas!!!


I recall discussing them with Rene Roberge PEng of John Sheppard’s team pursuant to the email she had sent me (see in 1999!


We both were intensely concerned of the consultant’s plan although I think Rene lost `regulatory influence’ since the development engineering function was transferred back to HRM’s P&D unit (recall for a short while, that function was part of Sheppard’s team)!


My original handbook I bought is misplaced at my place and someday I hope to find it as I don’t plan to purchase another assuming it is still in print!




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