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DNA- select interesting articles

April 25, the date in 1953 that the Nobel Prize-winning paper on DNA structure was published. That's National DNA Day!

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Bacterial Source Tracking (BST)- A Review

DNA- basic history

The discovery of DNA's double helix 50 years ago was the founding event of molecular biology. Watson and Crick, both aligned and apart, Reinvented Biology; February 25, 2003

DNA in the Wikipedia

"Dr. Venter is to announce today that he plans to build what he believes will be the nation's largest genome sequencing center, one that will introduce new technology that vastly decreases the time and cost required to determine the DNA code of people, animals and microbes." August 15, 2002 "Our goal is to get to where we can do a whole genome analysis in minutes or hours, in contrast to months or years," Dr. Venter said in an interview.

U.S. "Energy Dept. Finances Effort to Create Artificial Life"; November 22, 2002 "In a statement, Dr. Venter said the hope was that "we could potentially engineer an organism with the ideal qualities to begin to cope with our energy issues," perhaps one that could create hydrogen or absorb carbon dioxide."

Dr. Craig Venter's energy institute is centered on a group of ancient microbes, archea, which inhabit the deepest parts of the earth and ocean. The archea do not infect humans, making them safer to manipulate. Dr. Venter said he hoped that they could be genetically engineered to suck out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, relieving the threat of greenhouse warming, and to convert the gas into hydrogen, a source of nonpolluting energy!

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