Subject:  Request Regional Council's support to name Maynard Lake Park/Beach as the Cunningham Park/Beach

From:  "Shalom M. Mandaville"
Date:  Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:42:07 -0300

To:  "Jan A. Gibson (Municipal Clerk-HRM)" <>

CC:  "His Worship Peter J. Kelly MBA (Mayor-HRM)" <>, "Councillor John Cunningham (Dt#10-HRM)" <>, "Deborah Chambers (EA-Mayor-HRM)" <>, "Dan English MBA (Dy. CAO-HRM)" <>

Subject: Request Regional Council's support to name Maynard Lake Park/Beach as the Cunningham Park/Beach

Dear Ms. Jan Gibson
Office of the Municipal Clerk

Subsequent to some decisions made among those of us working on a pragmatic level to restore the Maynard Lake beach in Dartmouth after a continuous neglect of approximately twelve (12) long (and frustrating) years, we herewith request the following decision by the Regional Council:

We request that Regional Council name the park/beach as the CUNNINGHAM PARK/BEACH!

Councillor Cunningham has shown a lot of interest in supporting the residents.

To be fair, the Mayor's Office (especially his EA, Ms. Deborah Chambers) has taken considerable interest in the lake but we hope His Worship does not mind naming of the beach/park after Councillor John Cunningham.

His Worship is known for his selfless interest and we expect total support from him!

It may be rare for councillors to get involved pragmatically in such aspects and we SALUTE Councillor Cunningham for that.

If you need a presentation from us to Council to support this, we will oblige.

We hope you do not mind us sending this request in email format since it allows us to blindcopy to numerous recipients.

PS: We request Council's decision ASAP, preferably within four (4) weeks if at all possible!

Important:-- Councillor Cunningham has no conflict_of_interest in this as the suggestion did NOT come from him! Indeed, when I mentioned it to him a few weeks ago, he was quite humble (perhaps even embarrassed, if that is the right terminology).


Shalom M. Mandaville B.E., Post-Grad Dip., Professional Lake Manage.
Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax-SWCSMH (
310-4 Lakefront Road, Dartmouth, NS, Canada B2Y 3C4

In order to pragmatically protect the chemical/biological water quality and biodiversity of lakes and rivers, it is imperative to include/consult Applied Limnologists in all significant development projects rather than the age-old status quo syndrome of relying totally on professional engineers/planners!