Subject:  Maynard Lake
From:  "Craig Campbell" <>
Date:  Tue, 18 Jun 2002 10:53:27 -0300

To:  "Peter Bigelow" <>, "Ed Thornhill" <>

CC: "Clark Henry" <>, "John Sheppard" <>

During my participation at a beach clean-up at Marnard Lake on June 1st, some of the participants brought to my attention their concern about people feeding the ducks and not picking up after their dogs.

Mr Shalom Mandaville of the Soils and Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax, who organized the clean-up, sent me an email on these issues and I am passing along part of that email which includes his comments and suggestions.

"[I] I suggest signages stating that it is an offence to feed the waterfowl (actually it is and there is allegedly a HRM Bylaw). They should be affixed at three locations: the park entrances from Lakefront Road and Portland Street, and on the pole (high enough so people cant remove them)
at the beach.

Today, I saw some very well designed such signs at the Albro Big Lake Park in northend Dartmouth.

[II] Somewhat the same re dog feces. In the old days, I recall seeing signs stating that dogs were not allowed at the Maynard Lake park. But this is impractical; hence I suggest that HRM make separate signs which will clearly state something to the effect that runoff of dog feces into the lake water is unhealthy and could be dangerous.

The waterfowl signs HRM set up at the Albro Big Lake park are very well done (you can see them from Albro Lake Road, Craig, not far from either of the two bridges). "

One problem area in particular that I noticed was in front of a stormwater outfall to the right of the beach. On the day of the clean-up, there were approximately a dozen tied off bags of dog feces in front of this outfall.

I suggest that it may be best for one or both of you to communicate directly with Mr. Mandaville on these issues. You can reach him by email at

Craig Campbell
Stormwater & Wastewater Engineer