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Portland West, Dartmouth

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Img-Blue_Arrow11F3.gif  Portland West Master Plan (part)

Img-Blue_Arrow11F3.gif  Portland West public hearing, City of Dartmouth Council; August 10, 1993

Portland West Master Plan (part)


Portland West public hearing, City of Dartmouth Council; August 10, 1993

Cautionary Notes: In the Council minutes inserted below, I, Shalom M. Mandaville, have been totally misquoted. I did not allude to erosion and control methodologies at all. I was requesting her Worship to investigate possibilities of total stormwater treatment capable of removing typical post-development urban pollutants, e.g., phosphorus, nitrogen heavy metals, hydrocarbons.

Mr. Roger Wells MCIP did not understand what I was alluding to. This could be explained by virtue of the fact that there was no qualified limnologist, i.e., specialist in lakes on the staff of the City of Dartmouth, hence no staff member even understood what genuine environmental controls meant!








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