Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 09:14:24 -0300
From: Renee Roberge <robergr@REGION.HALIFAX.NS.CA>
Cc: "S.M. Mandaville"
Subject: Settle Lake


A concern has been raised with the amount of vegetation that has grown
in Settle Lake, Dartmouth. I sent a message to Shalom Mandaville
yesterday asking him for input on how this concern could be addressed.

Shalom forwarded to me really interesting information and he suggested
that you could be involved in the discussions.

I think the best way would be for us to meet, if you are interested. I
could explain what the situation is and we could discuss what could be
done according to your knowledge and experience with lakes.

I believe that it is not the first time that a concern about vegetation
in or along a lake is raised and it will not be the last time.

Could you let me know if you would have time to meet with us. You can
pick the time and location.

(Shalom mentioned that you may have several reports that the Soil &
Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax prepared, could I borrow
your copies?)

Thank you.