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Strong invitation (2010) to the Province and the HRM

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

November 17, 2010                     Select dealings with the Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) Dept.


From: Shalom M. Mandaville Post-Grad Dip.
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 5:21 PM

To: 'Hon. Sterling W (ENV) Belliveau (Minister-Nova Scotia Environment Dept.)'
Cc: Cc'd recipients
Attachments: mclellan.jpg

Subject: Invitation to you/staff or the Executive Council + archives + regular pleas from non-members and/or professional staff + from HRM as well!

Dear Hon. Sterling Belliveau,

Firstly, let me thank you sincerely for your response which I included at the end here. But I think there are some significant misunderstanding(s), hence clarification is noted here. I also include words in capitals for emphasis only! Pardon any typos/grammar.  

Several politicians (of all political stripes) and regulatory staff, present as well as past, always seem to be of the erroneous opinion that I make all the submissions as an individual.  

That is totally incorrect although when I send updates and/or `FYI’ emails, they are indeed written by myself especially since they are repetitious anyway.  

CORDIAL INVITATION:-- If any senior member of either your department, e.g., Mr. David Briggins (Cc’d here), or of the Executive Council (i.e., the Premier’s office) wants to know who our international members and/or associates are, I herewith extend an unconditional invitation to visit me (again) and I will show them `SIGNED AFFIDAVITS’ indeed! I will also show the international credibility and publications in some cases! More info follows below.  

My group is predominantly a scientific –plus- engineering entity!  

And a significant number of our members/associates have doctoral degrees in the sciences and/or in the engineering domain.  

We even have around fifty (50) professors, present and/or retired, and you may be surprised to know, Mr. Minister, that some senior professional civil servants at all levels of governments were indeed students of my professor‑members!  

We are approximately four hundred (400) strong with around two hundred (200) domiciled across Nova Scotia. Rest are elsewhere in Canada and the USA, mostly.  

But most professors of Nova Scotia in our group now are of the engineering background and the recently retired staff engineer of your department, Mr. John Theakston MEng PEng, knew a couple of them (I am unsure if he took courses from them when he attended TUNS though).  

The ones with the scientific (i.e., non-engineering) background mostly do not live in Nova Scotia; they are primarily in Ontario and several states of the mighty USA!  

I am proud to state that some of my members are indeed `stalwarts’ in their disciplines and have been recipient of the top international awards!  

Indeed, the two scientists who are considered as the `Grandfathers of Acid Rain’ are indeed members of my group.  

We even have a handful of scientists who were part of a recent Nobel Prize winning team (they are actually our associates).  

But most members are not pragmatically active in our operations since they all have their own priorities and some have left Mother Earth during the last decade or so!  

One of our FOUNDING MEMBERS during the 1980’s was the locally well respected Prof. Dr. GORDON OGDEN III Jr. who taught theoretical limnology for the longest time at the Dalhousie University Biology Department. When he retired, his work was not continued to this day. I believe Mr. DAVID BRIGGINS might have known him! Pete Ogden passed away during the 1990’s!  

Mr. DAVID BRIGGINS already came to my place in year 2003 along with a previous Deputy Minister, Mr. RON L’ESPERANCE, but they only stayed for one (1) hour and did not ask me about our membership.  

I recall extending a permanent invitation to David (Mr. Briggins).  

====== In addition, as I mentioned to the Hon. MARILYN MORE when she kindly visited me around three times, I also receive `PLEAS FOR HELP’ from the general stakeholders who are not members of my group.  

Mr. Minister, to this day, I have not figured out why the general public approaches me although I have ZERO POWER/INFLUENCE!  

I presume they contact me as a `last resort’ when your department and/or the municipalities are NOT ADDRESSING their concerns effectively.  

====== Even many recent past bureaucrats at the HRM also approached me asking for all kinds of scientific data, studies, etc., without compensating me either for the Intellectual Property (IP) or for my professional time, and I can prove it all; as partial proof, kindly read the attached 1-page acknowledgement from a previous CAO of HRM, Mr. GEORGE McLELLAN!  

I also supplied some scientific info/reports to a predecessor of yours, the Hon. ROBBIE HARRISON and to some former staff of your department (kindly click here to read a selection of our dealings with your department dating back to the 1980's).  

Thank you all,  




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Shalom M. Mandaville Post-Grad Dip., Professional Lake Manage.


Narrative on Water Quality”;  “Our sampling protocols, in brief”;  and a 30-minute video on "Environmental Impact on Water Courses” in WMV format!


Chair, Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax-(Homepage), a multi-discipline scientific/technical stakeholder group

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  B2Y 3C4


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Cc: Premier Darrell Dexter (Nova Scotia); Hon. Marilyn More (MLA-Dartmouth South Portland Valley); Jessica Paterson MCIP (Planner-Water & Wastewater-NSE); NSE-Water Line (delwater@gov.ns.ca); NSE-WRMS-Water Resources Management Strategy (waterstrategy@gov.ns.ca); Mayor Peter Kelly (HRM); Councillor Bill Karsten; Councillor Gloria McCluskey (Regional Plan Advisory Committee-RPAC); Councillor Jim Smith (Deputy Mayor-HRM); David Briggins (Director-NSE); Kim MacNeil (Deputy Minister-NSE)

> -----Original Message-----

From: Hon. Sterling W (ENV) Belliveau [mailto:MIN_ENV@gov.ns.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 12:30 PM

To: limnesImg-atsign-bold.gifchebucto.ns.ca
Subject: Your September 16, 2010, e-mail to the Minister of Environment

Mr. Shalom M. Mandaville
Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax

Dear Mr. Mandaville:

Thank you for your e-mail correspondence of September 16, 2010, regarding the health of lake systems in Nova Scotia. As indicated in my recent email on behalf of the Premier, please be assured that your statements have been carefully reviewed and will be given due consideration.

I appreciate your concerns, your shared expertise, and continued vigilance of lake water quality in the province.


Original signed by

Sterling Belliveau
Nova Scotia Environment

Cc:    Premier Darrell Dexter


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